design build / design assist

Whatever stage your project is in ISI’s Design Support team is here to help. One of our most touted services is the creation of a design from conceptual building designs. Whether or not you have a lighting narrative or electrical drawings, our team can produce a design proposal (accompanied by a budget) and will follow the project from start to finish, making the necessary changes to the lighting design as the conceptual design transforms from an idea to reality. Interested in pursuing a Design Build with the Illumination Systems Team? Reach out to us and one of our team members will contact you regarding your project.


If your project has already been designed, or simply doesn’t require a full design build , we also offer state of the art photometric calculations using AGI32. Our team will design the space to your specified needs, whether that be to the illumination levels you specify or the recommended light levels from the IESNA. Interested in having photometry run on your project? Contact us and be sure to include any necessary building/site plans.

Satellite Site Lighting

Sometimes site drawings for old buildings are lost over the history of the building. This can make retrofitting or upgrading existing site lighting difficult as it often required new site drawings. However, our team of experts has come up with an elegant solution! With only an address our team can use high quality satellite images to run photometry on your existing site lighting, we can even identify most existing pole locations. If you’re interested in pursuing a 21st century solution to your site lighting upgrade contact our design team.

BOM Creation & Assistance

One of the questions we run into the most when it comes to specifying lighting is “how do i correctly specify a track run?”
Track can be difficult and daunting to specify, with all the materials, connectors, and transformer choices it can be hard to be certain that what you want is represented in the bill of material you’ve specified. We want you to know we’re here to help! We can help design a custom track run or simply verify that what you have specified includes all the parts and pieces necessary to create a beautiful and functioning tack run.

Sports Lighting

In addition to the more traditional lighting applications, such as interior and site lighting, our team also has the ability to assist with more specialized applications like sports lighting. With a variety of lines, including Ephesus, an Eaton lighting brand, our team has the ability to tackle any sports lighting application, from municipal ball fields, to high school fields, to collegiate and professional sports arenas.

fixture specification &
custom requests

Know what kind of lighting you’re looking for but can’t seem to be able to find it? We’re here to help, with extensive product knowledge we can help you find what your looking for, and if it doesn’t exist we can help you get a custom design so that your lighting is always as perfect as you want it to be. For help finding a fixture or to initiate a custom request please contact us Here.


Photometric analysis creating black and white 3D images highlighting specific fixture performance within a defined space or area.

Design Diagram

Visual of design highlights showing fixture locations per job requirements or IESNA recommendations. From single rooms to expansive multi-floor takeaways, this offers quick and simple overview with one touch fixture specification files.


Photometric calculation and design of exterior roadway and parking lots with consideration of prevailing codes and requirements. Layouts can be provided for new or existing locations.

ROI Analysis

Return on investment calculation showing energy efficiency savings for new systems relative to existing systems. The analysis are based on specific interior and exterior locations using prevailing labor and kilowatt energy costs.