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With its intuitive mobile application used for programming, WaveLinx Wireless is easy to install and get running. Its rich portfolio of wireless sensors, control devices and accessories make it the ideal solution for indoor and outdoor applications.


WaveLinx Wired offers all functions needed to meet your applications from a floor to a complex. The system includes the ILP series panels that can perform multi zone 0-10V dimming, multi loop DALI based addressing, multi zone relay switching.


Building upon known motion sensor solutions, the WaveLinx Lite solution eliminates all hassles associated with a complex controls solution making the commissioning process intuitive and flexible, giving more power to installers/owners.



Greengate Room Controller

A plug and play lighting control system composed of room controllers with three relays, three 0-10 VDC dimming outputs and complementary low voltage devices (wallstations, sensors, receptacle control) that eliminates the commissioning cost.

Greengate Litekeeper

Stand-alone lighting control panels for applications requiring a time clock in conjunction with contactors. The LiteKeeper solution has more standard features than any other stand-alone panel on the market.

Greengate ControlKeeper

A cost-effective, specification grade lighting control system composed of control panels (up to 48 relays per panel) with optional programming touchscreen and low voltage inputs for momentary, maintained switches, occupancy sensors and photocells.

Greengate DLVP

The Distributed Low-Voltage Power (DLVP) system blends the benefits of both AC and DC power distribution to reduce the total installed cost of a lighting project by up to 20% while providing a completely flexible and electrically efficient solution.

Building & Controls

Lighting controls layouts

Our team of controls specialist produce lighting controls layouts that meet the code compliance needed in your area. They can produce these layouts from electrical drawings and narratives or as part of the lighting design build process (see DSC page for more info). They can also design their systems to meet your advanced control specifications, whether that be: Wireless, DMX, Demand Response, or BAS Integration. Email us at Controls@illumsys.com or call us at 303-295-2900 to hear what we can do for you.

Start-Up, Programming, & Service

Our Field Service Engineers can help you with whatever your field needs may be. They can help with Start-up, Programming, and Troubleshooting should you experience any problems with your lighting controls system after it has been installed and programmed.

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