SIGNIFY REACHES CARBON NEUTRALITY "The world leader in lighting, is proud to announce that it has achieved carbon neutrality for all its operations across the world as well as using 100% renewable electricity..." READ MORE Slide Coronavirus 2019-nCoV Notification Illumination Systems has enacted COVID-19 protocol, which means we will not host any lunches or Lunch & Learns, after-hour community events, and we will impose Safe Six (maintain 6ft. distance) for your well-being and ours. Slide Coronavirus 2019-nCoV Notification Given the current and developing health situation in the regions in which suppliers of Cooper Lighting operate, additional precautionary actions are being taken.
Signify successfully completes acquisition of Cooper Lighting Solutions READ MORE Click Here for Revit Files BROX The Brox System by Tech Lighting frees your creativity with modular light bars, blanks and connectors that can be snapped together to design personalized scultpural motifs or to enhance the architecture of your space. CURA Cura offers multi-function lighting with ambient, exam, reading, and night light illumination from the bedhead. Each lighting function can satisfy the illuminance recommendations of ANSI-IES RP29-16. Optional BIOS SkyBlue™ technology provides a biologically optimized light spectrum that supports both circadian stimulus and visual diagnosis. SHAPER SENSE Shaper Sense is an award winning, industry leading integrated acoustic and lighting product line, that also includes wireless controls options. LUMENWERX Clusters recessed parabolic downlights offer a choice of soft- and sharp-edge optics, multiple beam spreads and subtle aperture treatments, all in various cell configurations. TECH LIGHTING The Belterra chandelier by Tech Lighting is inspired by the lotus flower. Petal-shaped LED light guides beautifully illuminate this contemporary design and capture the purity of the chandelier's graceful stem-work. LUMATO The SQ5 by Lumato, is an architectural, suspended linear luminaire, that provides superior light quality, distribution and lumen options, in a small 5” square package. TECH LIGHTING The Candora 34 chandelier by Tech Lighting features geometric lines that are nicely balanced by the open, airy silhouette of the integrated LED light source. STUDIO ITALIA The decorations that intersect each other recall branches, evoking spring with magical and suggestive light effects. It gives the interior an organic design of character, but never intrusive. SHAPER Shaper 1400 and 1800 architectural LED luminaires, a series of performance pendants that add a flair of interest with a wide selection of color combinations CALI The marketLITE Series of products is an excellent choice for illuminating large areas, or as accent/decorative lighting. XLED With the well thought out combination of high-grade components, Carl Stahl creates a powerful comprehensive system comprising LED dots, controls, and sub-structures VOKSLYTE Tangent Down™ customizable lighting contours from VoksLyte™ are available in a variety of configurations. These beautiful sculptural luminaires can be supplied in recessed mounted, pendant and surface mounted versions. The discreet luminaires provide phenomenal lighting performance and have been designed to sturdily and easily link together to form seamless circular, curved, elliptical, free-form or straight illuminated architectural forms.

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Diffused and Accent light together or independently, light the night with interest.

Penta Light Elisabeth Pendant

Inspired by an astronomical game of hemispheres, with matching wall and table.  Timelessly beautiful.

Cooper Metalux Perceive

Blends subtle styling with a proprietary optical system to create visual interest and provide comfortable illumination.

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